I am a professional translator (MA), offering translations, proofreading and revision.


I was born in 1982 and grew up in the canton of Aargau and later in Zurich. After academic high school, I lived in Australia for a total of almost four years.

After my return to Switzerland in 2008, I studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Bern and afterwards professional translation at the Zurich University of Aplied Sciences in Winterthur, receiving my MA in 2015.


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Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics with Specialisation in Professional Translation

ZHAW Winterthur


Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

University of Bern.



Native tongue


Native speaker competence (Spoken and written)

BA in English Language and Literature (Jan 2013)

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (Dec 2007)

Between 2002 and 2008 I spent four years in Australia


Intermediate level (spoken and written)

8 years of lessons in public school


alert AG, Zurich

Revision, GER, ENG


HL trad, Geneva

Notarised translations GER-ENG


Translator for QoQa.ch, Lausanne

Translation FR-GER 


Private Mandate

Master's thesis "Synth- and Electropop - Electronic Pop Culture

Translation GER-ENG


Paper on the Psychologisation of the classroom (Pedagogy)

Revision ENG, Translation GER-ENG


Mandate Edition Nice, Nice Magazine Vol. 1 (cultural magazine)

Revision ENG


Mandate Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich

"Informed consent for further use of non-genetic health-related personal data in uncoded form for research purposes."

(Translation GER-ENG)


ZHAW Project

Paper on CO2-refirgeration technology: "Efficiency increase on carbon dioxide refrigeration technology woth parallel compression."

(Translation GER-ENG)


Mandate Zurich School of Health Porfessions

Form "Confirmation Module C/BA, ZMC Agreement"

(Translation GER-ENG)


ZHAW Project

Paper for éducation21: "The integration of competences for sustainable development in higher education."

(Translation ENG-GER)


ZHAW Project

Questionnaire for Balgrist University Hospital: "Patient's Experience Questionnaire on Quality of Care"

(Back-translation GER-ENG)